Warranty And Repairs

The procedures and forms included here are designed to assist our clients with warranty and repair needs. The Warranty Form should be used during the warranty period, which is one year from Certificate of Occupancy date or through the date specified on your contract. The Repair Request should be used after expiration of the warranty.

The forms may be emailed to Warranty@firstflorida.com. To speak to a representative of the Warranty and Repairs department, call 813-984-4600.






Appliance Warranty form:      Download PDF form

Repair Request form:     Download PDF form

Procedures for Warranty Request document:    Download PDF forms

Warranty form:     Download PDF form


All requests should be assessed by your property maintenance personnel first to determine possible cause and determine whether repairs can be completed by maintenance to avoid the delay of scheduling a service call.

Requests for repairs should be sent to the appropriate subcontractor listed in your warranty book, using the First Florida Warranty or Repair Request forms, with a copy to First Florida. Include as much detail as possible. Photographs of mold, leaks, or other significant damage should be sent to us by email to Warranty@firstflorida.com.

For appliance repairs, include the serial and model numbers for each appliance. For cabinet repairs, include the measurements. (Review your warranty books for specification information).

After the principle subcontractor has completed the repair, your onsite maintenance staff should inform us whether additional work is needed or the repair is complete.